• ISO 9001 Quality Certification

In order to improve and monitor its manufacturing processes, to increase customer satisfaction and to reduce wastes and inefficiency, Lem has obtained  three years valid ISO 9001 Quality certification on 20th April  2014.

ISO9001 Certification

  • SA8000 Certification Ethics and social Responsibility

In order to protect personnel’s  human rights, to avoid any kind of discrimination and to ensure the compliance with health and safety requirements, Lem is about to get SA8000 certification scheduled by the end of summer 2015.

Social Accountability Policy

SA8000 Certification

ITA – Procedura gestione reclami, suggerimenti e mancati infortuni

ITA – Modulo reclami, suggerimenti e mancati infortuni

ITA – Procedura recupero minori lavoratori, educazione, giovani lavoratori soggetti ad obbligo scolastico

ITA – Bilancio sociale – Riesame della Direzione 2016 e I° semetre 2017

  • Policy for gold responsible procurement

Lem Srl Socio Unico realizes that negative and dangerous effects derive from extracting and exporting minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk regions; Lem also realizes that to respect human rights and not to foster conflicts is very important; thus Lem commits to write and adopt its policy for gold responsible procurement.

ENG – Policy for gold responsible procurement.