LEM deals with all those different operations starting from the arrival of raw materials up to the dispatch of  the finished product.

Apart from the main activity, that is electroplating , LEM also realizes old-looking haute couture accessories using  both a new authomatic plant for big lot size productions and traditional methods with static frames or  revolving drums.

The quality of the process is granted by a laboratory in the firm that continuously controls the chemical and physical features of  each electroplationg tank; furthermore a specific department checks the depth of the metals collected during the electroplating process using special X-Ray equipments (Fisher).

Accessories can be coloured in many different ways (more than 300 finishings  are available).

At LEM  it is also realized  the hanging up of raw accessories in static frames or hooks (tying process) and  the untying process together with the packaging of the finished products.

All the above mantioned processes are coordinated to grant the highest standard quality of finished products.


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